mercredi 22 août 2018

Dr Boogie "BAD Situation" (review)

Yep, here they come again !

And you could say that L.A. based Dr Boogie don't patiently wait the success to come but really deliver excellent songs at fast pace to make things happen ! 8 months after the release of their previous 7inch vinyl on Spaghetty Town records (She's So Tuff) a new Digital only 2-tracks Single is now out.

True to their sound and style ala The Rolling Stones meets MC5,  the band once again penned 2 fantastic and catchy tunes 

"BAD Situation" starts with a killer guitar riff soon to be joined by handclaps, Hammond and piano and culminating with classic guitar licks to introduce and close the chorus. Perfect from start to finish. You can only picture yourself going crazy on it during live gigs. And it's not that easy to make me dance, I can tell you.

Second song "I Need A Gun" is a guitar shuffle / fast-tempo devastating number ready to annihilate any self-control that may still be somewhere in you leading a deshinibate -and so far unknown- self to chant the title sentence out-loud making in the process NRA supporters proud and happy. Until you turn the subsequent weapon on them of course (You get your fun where you can innit ?) The mid-section giving the air required to canalize crowd excitation before going crazy for one last run. A future live favorite for sure.

I have been a follower of Chris Parsekian (lead singer/guitarist/composer) even before his days with Dr Boogie and this new delivery might be the best material from him and his gang to date. I'm possibly saying that each time I'm reviewing their stuff but that doesn't mean I don't believe it. 

One of the major release of the year without a doubt.

Dr Boogie  "BAD Situation"  (2018 - self-released)
1. BAD Situation
2. I Need A Gun

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