dimanche 26 août 2018

Video of the Week - Twisted Sister "I Wanna Rock"

If I could I would have picked up the documentary "We are Twisted Fucking Sister" as Video of the Week but of course I can't do that.

But Rock n Roll can't be stop, right ? So here you go, Dee Snider, Jay Jay French and the rest of the lads making their statement to the world. With their delicate manners as usual.

And after that go watch the aforementioned film, a good way to spent 2h14 of its life in my opinion.

Twisted Sister "Stay Hungry"  (1984 - Atlantic records)

1. Stay Hungry
2. We're Not Gonna Take It
3. Burn In Hell
4. Horror-Teria : a/ Captain Howdy ; b/ Street Justice
5. I Wanna Rock
6. The Price
7. Don't Let Me Down
8. The Beast
9. S.M.F.


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