dimanche 2 septembre 2018

Video of the Week : Hired Guns "Johnny The Pusher"

While being involved in the making of the homage compilation "Smacked! a tribute to Ilari Claude Peltola" celebrating the legacy of the singer of the cult Finish bands Smack and The Fishfaces, Hired Guns have recorded 4 tracks during a single studio session.

Two of these tracks were included in the compilation featuring guests such as Cheri Martin, the original Smack bassplayer ("Buy This Town") and Trench Dogs, the sleazy bunch from Sweden (Street Hog Blues").

The E.P. presents the whole session as it was originally recorded (meaning minus the guests) and is now available in CD single.

To celebrate this historical moment the video for "Johnny The Pusher" is revealed to the world here in exclusivity !

Hired Guns "The Smacked Session"  (2018 - Alive and Kickin' music)

1. Johnny The Pusher
2. Street Hog Blues
3. Buy This Town (I Think I'm Gonna)
4. Hellhounds On My Tail


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