dimanche 2 juin 2019

Video of the Week : Jetboy "Broken Hearted Daydream"

San Francisco's rockers Jetboy released a new album a couple of months ago.

Check out one of the singles taken from it and read my album review in my brand new web magazine.

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dimanche 12 mai 2019

Video of the Week: Gyasi "Tongue Tied"

Nashville's own Gyasi is back!

The bluesier of the Glam rocker, and definitely the glamier Bluesman,  is releasing a new single, first glimpse of the upcoming album.

Just love it!

Gyasi "Tongue Tied" (2019 - Escaped Peacock Records)
(Digital single)


dimanche 5 mai 2019

Video of the Week : Barbe-Q-Barbies "Diz-Funk-tional"

Finnish rockers Barbe-Q-Barbies are back with a new album and an European Tour to go with it.

First video "Diz-Funk-Tional" has been revealed a couple of days ago. Check it out!

Barbe-Q-Barbies "Borrowed Time"  (2019 - Dissonance production)
1. Intro
2. Diz-Funk-tional
3. Alive
4. Hangman’s Song
5. Made Of Scars
6. Innocent
7. Radio
8. On And On
9. Towers
10. Borrowed Time

dimanche 28 avril 2019

Video of the Week : WASP "L.O.V.E. Machine"

The 80s were over-the-top to say the least.

So over-the-top that sometimes it was great.

WASP is a good marker of this era. Blackie Lawless was a good marker of this era.

While stealing the ridiculous dance moves from Kiss' Paul Stanley he borrowed Gene Simmons attitude at the same time. But his voice was unique.

Nowadays he became exactly what he mocked then : a bigot

Of course he can't play some of his songs now. And probably can't watch his videos either.

WASP - WASP (1984 - Capitol)
1. I Wana Be Somebody
2. L.O.V.E. Machine
3. The Flame
4. B.A.D.
5. School Daze
6. Hellion
7. Sleeping (In The Fire)
8. On Your Knees
9. Tormentor
10. The Torture Never Stops

dimanche 21 avril 2019

Video of the Week : L.A. Guns "The Devil You Know"

Have you heard ? Phil Lewis and Tracï Guns reunited 2 years ago and just delivered their second studio album since their comeback.

Exploring new territory here with this Doom track. Quite unexpected move from the L.A. Guns camp!

My album review available soon in the pages of a brand new webmag...

L.A. Guns "The Devil You Know" (2019 - Frontier records)
1. Rage
2. Stay Away
3. Loaded Bomb
4. The Devil You Know

5. Needle To The Bone
6. Going High
7. Gone Away
8. Don't Need To Win
9. Down That Hole
10. Another Season In Hell
11. Boom (bonus track)


dimanche 14 avril 2019

Video of the Week : The Tip "Rock N Roll Heaven"

Each past decades have had a band that embodied the Rock N Roll spirit itself.

The TIP might (and should) be the symbol of the upcoming 20s. 

They have the image, they are debauched and depraved, they are seducing the mothers and their daughters but most importantly they have the skills, the swagger and the repertoire to be up there!

Currently on tour across Europe, they can't be missed.


dimanche 7 avril 2019