dimanche 10 février 2019

Video of the Week : Scott Yoder "Sugar On Your Lips"

Valentine Day is coming ! While a dozen of roses might do the trick nothing can beat a totem song, innit ?

So gent and gals, put some lipstick on your lips and let sing to your other half about sugar on his/her lips.

70s glam rock is the new trend, don't remain on the side of the road and jump into the glitter spaceship !

Scott Yoder "Sugar On Your Lips" (2019 - Burger Records)
1. Sugar On Your Lips
2. Iris


dimanche 3 février 2019

Video of the Week : Babylon Shakes "Making A Million"

One year ago I told you about this new Sleaze rock combo from the US of A.

Now the band is releasing its first full length album on HighVol Music and today's pick is the video for its opening track "Making A Million".

Sounds like the 90s and the new Century have never existed.

Babylon Shakes "Exile To The Velveteen Lounge"
(HighVol Music)

1. Making a Million
2. Sunset Striptease
3. Sin Parade
4. No Pictures Please
5. Velveteen Libertine
6. Silver Tongue Devil
7. Hardtimes
8. Die Pretty
9. Star In Your Eyes
10. Motel Lights

HighVol Music online shop

dimanche 27 janvier 2019

Video of the Week : Turbocoopers "Mal Romance"

All the way from Argentina, let's salute, praise, and applause TURBOCOOPERS !!

Is there anything more to say ? Nah, let's the music do the talkin' !

Turbocoopers "Mal Romance"
 (Digital single)


lundi 21 janvier 2019

Video of the Week - Grimm Jack "Sex Drive"

Some never loose faith. And Rock N Roll is the only one worth fighting for innit ?

Grimm Jack was formed in 1985 went on hiatus for a while in the 90s and are back in business since almost a decade now.

So if you like straight ahead blues-based-riffs Hard Rock, come on in, just in time for a kinky drive !



dimanche 6 janvier 2019

Video of the Week : Corazones Muertos "Don't Kill Rock & Roll"

Perfect mantra to start this New Year !

Corazones Muertos is rocking for quite a few years. Led by Joe Klenner the band originally started in Argentina but are now based in Brazil.

Band's discography is now available in Europe via Alive and Kickin' music.


dimanche 16 décembre 2018

Video of the Week : Faz Waltz "Is This The Way"

It's cold and rainy outside.

I could have picked a sunny, warm and fun music video but, hey, let's enjoy this time of the year and the sweet feeling of listening a gentle song at home.

The Italian trio just released a new single taken from their latest album "Double Decker". Less 70s Glam rock than most of the rest of the record, their Beatles influences are back just like on their first albums.

Faz Waltz "Double Decker"  (Spaghetty Town records  - 2018)
1. Shakin' Like A Hooligan
2. Julie
3. Right On
4. Oh Penny
5. Come On And Squeeze Me
6. Dancing In My Shoes
7. Sleepy Head
8. Millionaire
9. Is This The Way
10. Jive Jive


dimanche 9 décembre 2018

Video of the Week : Bulletboys "Smooth Up In Ya"

You can consider Bulletboys first album as a (minor) classic.

While Van Halen were heading without Diamond Dave at the time this bunch of former members of  King Cobra (the hard rock band led by Carmine Appice) just delivered some pretty cool tunes that are sounding better than the second VH album.

With an over-the-top singer and solid musicians backing him they filled the gap and find their own niche doing so.

But of course honeymoon didn't last and just like the aforementioned band, singer and musos went their separate ways. If Bulletboys are still touring and releasing records only vocalist Marq Torien remains. The 3 other original members are now working under the moniker Lies, Deceit & Treasury (which sums up things quite clearly) and really carry the torch of classic Bulletboys, stylistically speaking.

Anyway, enjoy their first single with all its 80s bravado and fashion non-sense (Torien's pants and boots).

Bulletboys "s/t"  (Warner Bros - 1988)
1. Hard As A Rock
2. Smooth Up In Ya
3. Owed To Joe
4. Shoot The Preacher Down
5. For The Love Of Money
6. Kissin'Kitty
7. Hell On My Heels
8. Crank Me Up
9.  Badlands
10. F#9