dimanche 16 décembre 2018

Video of the Week : Faz Waltz "Is This The Way"

It's cold and rainy outside.

I could have picked a sunny, warm and fun music video but, hey, let's enjoy this time of the year and the sweet feeling of listening a gentle song at home.

The Italian trio just released a new single taken from their latest album "Double Decker". Less 70s Glam rock than most of the rest of the record, their Beatles influences are back just like on their first albums.

Faz Waltz "Double Decker"  (Spaghetty Town records  - 2018)
1. Shakin' Like A Hooligan
2. Julie
3. Right On
4. Oh Penny
5. Come On And Squeeze Me
6. Dancing In My Shoes
7. Sleepy Head
8. Millionaire
9. Is This The Way
10. Jive Jive


dimanche 9 décembre 2018

Video of the Week : Bulletboys "Smooth Up In Ya"

You can consider Bulletboys first album as a (minor) classic.

While Van Halen were heading without Diamond Dave at the time this bunch of former members of  King Cobra (the hard rock band led by Carmine Appice) just delivered some pretty cool tunes that are sounding better than the second VH album.

With an over-the-top singer and solid musicians backing him they filled the gap and find their own niche doing so.

But of course honeymoon didn't last and just like the aforementioned band, singer and musos went their separate ways. If Bulletboys are still touring and releasing records only vocalist Marq Torien remains. The 3 other original members are now working under the moniker Lies, Deceit & Treasury (which sums up things quite clearly) and really carry the torch of classic Bulletboys, stylistically speaking.

Anyway, enjoy their first single with all its 80s bravado and fashion non-sense (Torien's pants and boots).

Bulletboys "s/t"  (Warner Bros - 1988)
1. Hard As A Rock
2. Smooth Up In Ya
3. Owed To Joe
4. Shoot The Preacher Down
5. For The Love Of Money
6. Kissin'Kitty
7. Hell On My Heels
8. Crank Me Up
9.  Badlands
10. F#9


dimanche 2 décembre 2018

Video of the Week : Bad Marriage "Diablo"

Damn, this band is putting out more videos than anyone. And even more digital singles !

Do I have to present this Chicago combo ? They have been regular joes on these R n' R pages over the past year(s). And rightly so.

Bad Marriage "Diablo"  (2018 - self released)
Digital single


dimanche 25 novembre 2018

Video of the Week : Roxanne "Go Fuck Yourself" feat. dUg Pinnick & George Lynch

Roxanne is a case of 80s band back in business after a long hiatus.

The band released a new album recently entitled "Radio Silence". And today's treat is a song/video featuring the one and only dUg Pinnick, King's X singer / bassist, and George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob).

The band seem to make a statement here, what do you think ?

Roxanne "Radio Silence"  (2018 - Rat Pack records)

1. Someone To Kill
2. Girls Alright
3. Super Bad (ft: George Lynch)
4. Thin Blue Line
5. Broken Chandeliers
6. Man In The Moon (ft: Ray Luzier & dUg Pinnick) 
7. Go Fuck Yourself (ft: George Lynch & dUg Pinnick)    
8. Without Us
9. Quarter To Four
10. I Don’t Want to Live This Way
11. First Mistake


samedi 17 novembre 2018

Video of the Week : Plastic Tears "Day By Day"

New video from the Finnish Sleaze Glam Power-pop combo.

From their latest album "Angels With Attitude" released earlier this year.

When shit happens in your life, then take it slow, take it day by day.

Plastic Tears "Angels With Attitude"  (2018 - City Of Lights records)

1. Dark Passenger
2. Secret Society
3. Iris Kick
4. Midnight Date
5. Rhythm Rider
6. Nuclear Nights
7. Blue Angel
8. Day By Day
9. Headless Army
10. Miss Stumbling Legs
11. Universal Kids


lundi 12 novembre 2018

Video of the Week - The Hangmen "Wild Beast"

While the band is currently working on their new album, why not enjoy one of theirs always tasty singles ?

Aiming from Los Angeles The Hangmen are delivering nothing but great stuff since the mid 80s, their first record being released in 1989 on Capital records.

And the more Finland friendly readers of this blog should recognize the member of one the most iconic bands of the eighties from this part of the globe.

The Hangmen "Loteria"  (Acetate records - 2004)
1. Blood Red2. Sleepin’ On The Floor
3. Get It
4. Wild Beast
5. Can’t Stop That Train
6. Here She Comes
7. She’s A Drug
8. Never Go Home
9. Yes I Do
10. Hollywood Forever
11. Citadel
12. Pills
13. I Just Wanna Feel Good


dimanche 4 novembre 2018

Video of the Week : The Crazy Squeeze "Let's Go Down"

You like Rock n Roll ? You like Punk Rock ? You like 70s Glam Rock ? You like Hollywood ?
So you will love The Crazy Squeeze !

The band even claims influence from The Little Bob Story (French rock n roll royalty) !

So let's go down and catch them during their current European tour. And for my fellow Parisian rockers they will rock the QG Oberkampf on Saturday (November 10th). More info on Teenage Lust prod. page.

The Crazy Squeeze "Savior Of the Streets"  (2017 - Vinyl Dog)
1. Be Your Dryver
2. Let's Go Down
3. Hard Livin' Man
4.Oh Baby I Love You
5. Blind Truth
6. She's A Runner
7. That Little Girl's Gone Way Too Far
8. Let's Go Let's Go
9. Suds
10. Twisted Little Secrets
11. Lesson 'Bout Love