dimanche 19 août 2018

Video of the Week : Nova Rex "She's a Bitch"

'Cause I know you love your hard rock a bit over the top, here you go !

Nova Rex was formed back in the 80s and after a long hiatus the band is back and released an album of new material last year. Expect 80s Hard Rock with a more modern sound production. And fun.
They are not taking themselves seriously but do seriously what they are doing.

"She's a Bitch" is their single, a rocker ala AC/DC.

Nova Rex "Rockstar Roadshow" (2017 - Quantum records)

1. I Don't Know
2. She's a Bitch
3. Bosoms & Beer
4. Lock n' Load
5. Seven
6. Break Away
7. Crank It Up
8. Metal Devastation


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