jeudi 16 août 2018

Last Great Dreamers "13th Floor Renegades" (album review)

Back with a brand new album, English rockers nailed it with plenty of savoir-faire

Founded in the early 90s the band call it quits 10 years later. And because rockers have the abilities to be teenagers every often they returned in 2014.

3 albums later, here we are, "13th Floor Renegades" is ready to challenge any Power pop records available. Melodies, hooks, upbeat rhythms, teenage (!!) energy and angst, all the boxes are checked.

Offering 11 original songs written by Marc Valentine (vocals, guitar) and Slyder (lead guitar), the album is delivering nothing but honesty and passion by a band that has no agenda other than giving their best for the sake of their art without trying to be in a trend or something.

You could say that it's a bit of a retro record reminding us the heyday of the Power Pop / indie scene of the late 90s early 00s. Think Feeder, Ash, Teenage Fanclub... But you may find a bit of Hanoi Rocks too in one song (kind of a reminder of the 70s glam tricks of their debut album "Retrosexual").

Rod Stewart and The Faces come to mind as well with numbers such as "For Your Information" or "Miles Away".  Apart the absence of a raspy voice all the elements are here : Acoustic guitar, mandolin, slide guitar and a more upfront bassline performed with a Country feel. And without sounding like a rip off. Excellent !

"Speed Of Light", "Going Home", "13th Floor Renegades", "Broken Things", "No Sunshine" are my other favorite tracks. Which ones will be yours ?

Last Great Dreamers "13th Floor Renegades"  (2018 - Ray records)
1. New Situation
2. 13th Floor Renegades
3. Speed Of Light
4. No Sunshine
5. I Think I Like It
6. For Your Information
7. Primitive Man
8. Whose Side Are You On
9. Miles Away
10. Broken Things
11. Going Home

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