jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Dr Boogie - New single on Spaghetty Town records

Any Is the music loud enough? follower is already familiar with Dr Boogie. And Spaghetty Town records as well.

The independent record label is the home of The Sweet Things and released two 7inch with the aforementioned bunch recently. Now, due to December 8th, they are proudly unleashing one with the most glam Rhythm and Blues band from L.A. : Dr Boogie.

The band already have an album out on Deadbeat records. But while the track "Peanut Butter Blues" has been digitally released a few months ago it remained unavailable in physical format until now, on the B side of this new record. 
On the A side you'll get the song "She's So Tuff", a fiery guitar led RnR anthem in a typical Dr Boogie way. And that probably what any fans is waiting for from them, a perfectly tailored less-than-4mns track, catchy enough to help you to score with anybody that has decent musical tastes. Just don't blow it before the end of the song.

Once again the band is delivering the goods here and are on the top of their game (songwriting, arrangements, sound production) So no reason to not get a piece of vinyl for your collection and neighbors pleasure. Act now, get one of the 200 Red Ltd ed. copy or one in regular black. Whatever suit you best, the quality of the music will remain the same : top notch !

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