dimanche 4 novembre 2018

Video of the Week : The Crazy Squeeze "Let's Go Down"

You like Rock n Roll ? You like Punk Rock ? You like 70s Glam Rock ? You like Hollywood ?
So you will love The Crazy Squeeze !

The band even claims influence from The Little Bob Story (French rock n roll royalty) !

So let's go down and catch them during their current European tour. And for my fellow Parisian rockers they will rock the QG Oberkampf on Saturday (November 10th). More info on Teenage Lust prod. page.

The Crazy Squeeze "Savior Of the Streets"  (2017 - Vinyl Dog)
1. Be Your Dryver
2. Let's Go Down
3. Hard Livin' Man
4.Oh Baby I Love You
5. Blind Truth
6. She's A Runner
7. That Little Girl's Gone Way Too Far
8. Let's Go Let's Go
9. Suds
10. Twisted Little Secrets
11. Lesson 'Bout Love


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