lundi 12 novembre 2018

Video of the Week - The Hangmen "Wild Beast"

While the band is currently working on their new album, why not enjoy one of theirs always tasty singles ?

Aiming from Los Angeles The Hangmen are delivering nothing but great stuff since the mid 80s, their first record being released in 1989 on Capital records.

And the more Finland friendly readers of this blog should recognize the member of one the most iconic bands of the eighties from this part of the globe.

The Hangmen "Loteria"  (Acetate records - 2004)
1. Blood Red2. Sleepin’ On The Floor
3. Get It
4. Wild Beast
5. Can’t Stop That Train
6. Here She Comes
7. She’s A Drug
8. Never Go Home
9. Yes I Do
10. Hollywood Forever
11. Citadel
12. Pills
13. I Just Wanna Feel Good


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