jeudi 5 janvier 2017

National Nightmare

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, National Nightmare might be the coolest new band from Northern Europe with such a fine Digital single out since a couple of weeks on legal major music platforms.

Featuring Niina Klemis Klemetti, Barbe-Q Barbies drummer and Jimi Sero, former bass-player in the legendary Smack, it should helps put the band on the Rock N Roll map quickly. Next to the famous rhythm section are Sami Haxx (vocals, harmonica, keys) and Ace Mark (guitar), two talented men that perfectly complete the line up. Formed a few months ago they already delivered a solid 2 tracks single and are currently recording their first album for Boogiemill records.

Both "Night Bus" and "Rock N Roll Saves Souls" are catchy soulful rock n' roll songs with all required ingredients such as guitar hooks, feel-good vibe, great melodies with backing vocals, old school keys, bluesy harmonica and a solid rhythm section. And with a perfect sound production on top of that what more could you ask ? Well, more songs of course !

A video for "Night Bus" will be available soon but in the meantime you can still enjoy the teaser :


Go listen to the tunes from your favorite dealer and follow National Nightmare on fb if you have an account there. Is The Music Loud Enough will follow them anyway and keep talking about this bunch on these very same (web)pages.


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