mardi 14 février 2017

National Nightmare "Night Bus" video, and more !

Yes, I already wrote something about National Nightmare recently but, hey, their first video is now out !

And in case enjoying the vid' isn't enough I'm taking the opportunity here to get more into specifics.

I mentioned it in my previous post but band members have some pedigree, you see.
Bass player Jimi Sero was in the legendary Smack (a big deal for me), drummer Niina Klemis Klemetti is in Barbe-Q-Barbies (and also in The Black Bubbles as lead singer), but what I haven't notice before was that guitarist Ace Mark was in the Californian band Bigelf and singer Sami Haxx in the Species.

So it means quite a lot of records and live gigs worldwide.
No newbies here, but rockers that paid their dues.

Some would promptly tag them a Supergroup or something. I won't.
Because the tag is a tad ridiculous in itself.
But what I'm more incline to say is : "Les National Nightmare sont supers !".
Yes, National Nightmare are a great band. Simple as that.

So, their single Nightbus/Rock'N'Roll Saves Souls is available in Digital (iTunes, Amazon...) and CD.
So go get a copy for Valentine's day or any other day/occasion of this year that suits you.

The band is currently working and recording new tracks and planning to release an album this year. Can't wait !

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