mercredi 8 juin 2016

Sticky Valentines new EP

Like every good garage band should, the boys in Sticky Valentines know their Rhythm and Blues.

Based in Oakland, the band latest (and 2nd) release is just great with cool and effective tunes, a sound production that fit the genre without sacrificing the live energy of the whole thing. And energy you must have to deliver 6 tracks in 12minutes (go figure !).

While the songs of their first tape were more 60s pop influenced, -imagine if Phil Spector have met a bunch of young white punk rockers-, the new ones are full of guitar shuffle and rhythm and blues hints.

Starting with Bored on the Boardwalk, a 1.14mn high energy song with catchy yet punkish vocals it gives you a good idea of the band ability to deliver great melodies. Every other tracks of this E.P. have  similar appeal but some even double its length which remains quite short anyway. Bare bones musical arrangements really showcase the songwriting qualities of the gang. Just check out Armitage boys (or any other one for instance) to be convinced.

Both releases are limited copies so grab yours while you can, they could turn into collectibles items, who knows ?

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