dimanche 21 août 2016

Johnny Crash is back !

 Johnny Crash was one of the few good bands that emerged from the Sunset Strip scene during the second part of the 80s. And Vick Wright, singer of the band, is now ready to reunite the gang with the help of the fans.

In 1990, Neighbourhood Threat, Johnny Crash first album was released on WTG/Epic records. I immediately liked its basic AC/DC - Rose Tattoo feel and the image of the band that was more raw than what we used to see from Hollywood during the 80s. The hairspray days were over and Doc Martins boots were the new trend in L.A. (and then, all over the Hard Rock planet).
Since a few years Faster Pussycat, Junkyard and Guns N Roses have delivered great albums and JC was now next in line. The aforementioned bands also released excellent 2nd albums (well, in fact GnR didn't but get the success anyway...) and Johnny Crash had one ready to go out too, but...

Unfinished business has only been released in 2008 on Suncity records, an indie label. A bit late for the band career for sure. Nonetheless the fans bought the initial pressing and the record is pretty rare now but worth the search cause it is really the perfect follow up we expected back then.

Nowadays, and by popular demand, their singer Vick Wright is trying to re-form the gang and is currently launching a collaborative campaign to get money to set up a reunion gig in L.A. and shot a film out of it. And even toured the world if the fans are yelling loud enough for their come-back.

Why not be a part of it ? I am and waiting for to listen to the promised double-CD featuring unreleased material. An of course witness Johnny Crash onstage for the first time when the movie is ready !

Go to the campaign page
Johnny Crash facebook page


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