dimanche 29 mai 2016

The Sweet Things

Rock's dead ? Not really, but grumpy old rockers might be.

If you haven't heard of The Sweet Things yet you should take a minute to discover this pure rock n roll band in the tradition of The New York Dolls.
First, they're aiming from New York as well and second, they seems to be a bunch of hell raisers too. But are they ? Can't tell, I'm far away from NY to have witness anything. I just know the word Cocaine is pretty much redundant in their songs. And speaking of music, which is the most important thing, theirs is quite addictive and accelerative like the aforementioned substance. The sound is gritty and smells good the rock n' soul of the 70s and if it seems a bit messy or chaotic at first, don't be fooled by their energetic rendition cause the band is tight as fuck and they know what to do with their instruments. Their roots in many esteemed punk bands (Stitches, The Dimestore Haloes, Stiletto, Mazard...) are obvious and mixed with Stones, Faces and Thunders influences it gives this colorful result. It's not reinventing the wheel or something but, damn, it's refreshing to hear such authentic stuff.

Lanark records has just released a digital single of the lads. Love to Leave is a pure rock n roll anthem that sneakily stick in your head without notice. In studio the band has added some piano and female backing vocals for good measure and the result is perfect for my ears.

So go support them, buy the digital track and blast it in your MP3 player while going at work and it'll give you strength and fuel to get through the (dull ?) day.

Band FB page
Lanark records FB page

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