vendredi 27 mai 2016

Alive and Kickin' birth

After a long break I'm back in business.

Once upon a time I used to run a record label called Water Dragon records. It was the first French label dedicated to the Stoner rock genre and I had the opportunity to work with many great bands and release great records (vinyls or CDs). I called it quits one day while my brother who worked with me kept going with his own label Longfellow Deeds.
Now I'm ready to get back and this new entity will launch it's first digital release in a few days (Medicine Ball Caravan 'Keep Goin' Til the Next Stop'), make available digitally the first album of the aforementioned band and in July one or two compilations featuring some of the coolest bands around will be out on all major plaforms. Can't tell you too much right now but the names will soon be revealed.

My aim is not to just create another record label but give it a new form and find an accurate way to operate in the modern music world. Something collaborative, more agile and diverse.

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Coming up, June 7 2016 : Medicine Ball Caravan 'Keep Goin' Til he Next Stop'
Already available : Medicine Ball Caravan 'Crossing the Seas... Spreading the Sins'
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