vendredi 27 mai 2016

Tango Pirates 'Danger! Children at Play' E.P.

Danny Fury is back with a third Tango Pirates release and nothing seems to stop him !

Since I first wrote about the band in 2013 the line up have completely changed and now Jack Flint is the sole guitarist and partner in crime. Despite adversity and difficulties in finding permanent bass player and drummer, the two men managed to record an E.P. with the help of a crowdfunding campaign.
In the studio Fury and Dave Tregunna (no longer a member but still a life long close friend) are reforming the iconic The Lords of the New Church and Kill City Dragons rhythm section they were, giving the whole CD the precision and energy needed. Plus a more stripped down and punchy guitar parts than on the previous recordings and you get the perfect lay out for the melodies and voice of Danny Fury (also backed by Jack Flint). The overall sound production proves justice to the 5 tracks we've got here. All of them are in the Pirates repertoire for a long time and used to be performed live by the original line-up.

The E.P. is fluid and solid from start to finish. Beginning with Western Voodoo Mission -just like they used to do in concert- the song is a great open track to introduce the band to the audience. Borrowed Time, lead by the amazing Tregunna bass sound, is a song that only a veteran rocker as Danny Fury could have been written, from the bottom of his heart and soul. Then Ghost Ship Bar Blues -my favorite track- grab you with its bluesy groove and broken hearted man lyrics. While Long Live Rock N Roll invite every one of us to raise our glass in honor of our favorite tunes and musicians the last song Dark Star is dedicated to the late Stiv Bators, friend and mentor of Danny.

All songs have massive sing-along refrains giving a catchy feel to the whole record while not letting down the straight in your face overall tone. Real cool E.P. and hopefully the band will get more attention and live opportunities because of it in this sea of overproduced ready-made commercial rock we are sinking in these days.

BB Hells records is digitally distributing the E.P. on all major platforms while the physical copies can be purchase directly from the band.

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