mercredi 23 mars 2016

The Tip campaign to help finance new album

The Tip campaign to help finance new album

The Nashville based band The Tip has launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund their new album. As usual in these campaigns different rewards are available from 10$ to 275$ or more including digital downloads, signed CDs, T shirts or even meet and greet with the band.

The Tip was one of the bands featured in my previous post (Current) Glam Rock Regalia so you can tell I like them. While some might think they're looking more like a bunch of hell-raisers and party-goers I honestly don't think no one can deny the amount of hard work, energy and dedication they are putting into their musical career.

If you have the financial capacity to help, not only you will do a good deed but help to restore hope in a way too corporate Rock world and give more control to the artists.
The campaign will end mid April but don't wait, contribute now !   /


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