dimanche 16 décembre 2018

Video of the Week : Faz Waltz "Is This The Way"

It's cold and rainy outside.

I could have picked a sunny, warm and fun music video but, hey, let's enjoy this time of the year and the sweet feeling of listening a gentle song at home.

The Italian trio just released a new single taken from their latest album "Double Decker". Less 70s Glam rock than most of the rest of the record, their Beatles influences are back just like on their first albums.

Faz Waltz "Double Decker"  (Spaghetty Town records  - 2018)
1. Shakin' Like A Hooligan
2. Julie
3. Right On
4. Oh Penny
5. Come On And Squeeze Me
6. Dancing In My Shoes
7. Sleepy Head
8. Millionaire
9. Is This The Way
10. Jive Jive


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