mercredi 17 octobre 2018

Filthy Filthy - "Tripping/Getting Away With It" single review

You like the UK. You like punk rock. You like to chant with you beers buddies. Here you go then !

Filthy Filthy, this bunch of eternal punk teens, have already been reviewed on this blog for their first Digital E.P. 

And just like a Saturday night at the pub they are back to mess with your sanity.

This time the band is releasing 2 songs, still in Digital format. And still in their own fashion and style : bare bone basic old school punk rock with simple yet catchy vocal melodies and backing vocals handled by the rest of the boys (It's gang thing!).

If you enjoyed their previous effort you will dig this one too. If not, well...

The lads being part rebels / part wizards they succeeded in delivering 2 tracks with the exact same length (2:56 mn). The lyrics are once again dealing with deep personal issues as you may have guessed. Yes, fun songs for a fun evening. Not sure the band have another agenda than that. And they are doing a swell job doing so.

Simplicity and their "no fancy production" is part of their charm. But I candidly wonder if they would try to capture their spontaneous energy in a more tight manner in the future. In a similar way than The DeRellas for example.

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