jeudi 10 mai 2018

Filthy Filthy - This is... (E.P. Review)

Sunny England once again is delivering a punk gang.

Coming from Hull the band digitally released their first 3 songs E.P. on all major music platforms like it is the norm nowadays.
Even for Punk rockers in their 40s or something.

Except this modern technology witchcraft Filthy Filthy have kept things as rough and simple as back in the days when wearing safety pins on your ears or clothes was the trend.

Hammering power chords on an upbeat tempo with on top of it simple yet catchy vocal melodies and pop-y lead guitar is how you could describe the band's music. No big politics messages here, more good time, fun lyrics on these less than 3 minutes numbers.

"Dancing" is opening the ball (okay, this one was easy) and it gives a good example of how this E.P. will sound like, "Monkey See Monkey Do" and "Boyfriend" being in the same vibe.

I never been a safety pin lad myself and don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of the genre but sure can enjoy some punk music every now and then.

Obviously they won't be on the covers of Guitar or Drums magazines anytime soon but if you like your punk rock back to the roots and havin' fun over a pint or two Filthy Filthy sure will do the trick.

Filthy Filthy "This is..." (2018 - 819395 Records DK)

1. Dancing
2. Monkey See Monkey Do
3. Boyfriend

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