dimanche 15 juillet 2018

Video of the Week - Sick Things "Sick Thing"

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec The Sick Things could have been from Scandinavia judging by their style and bravado to deliver Hi-Energy Rock anthems with Power Pop qualities.

The first single is no exception but probably not the best track of the record either. Just to give you an idea of the overall level of the songwriting here.

If the band first album gets enough coverage on medias it sure could find its place on 2018 Top albums lists all over the world.

The Sick Things "Sick Things"  (2018 - God's Candy records)

1. Take The Head From The Crown
2. Boogalooser
3. Sick Thing
4. Empty Castles
5. I've Got News For You
6. We Got It Figured Out
7. Ain't Got Time
8. You Oughtta Know
9. Maybe You Better
10. LOve Sick
11. Dog Days


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