dimanche 22 juillet 2018

Video of the Week : Plastic Tears "Miss Stumbling Legs" (+ "Angels With Attitude" review

Longevity. So many bands split after a few years whether they met some degree of success or not.  Holding together several individuals sharing the same vision and goal is harder than keeping a long term relationship with a lover.

I have no clue how the love lives of Plastic Tears members are but I know for sure that the band itself is still going strong more than 2 decades later. And probably stronger than ever.

The band released its third album "Angels With Attitude" on City of Lights records last month. 11 songs mixing Glam, Sleaze, Pop and Punk influences. This is their most diverse album to date. When the previous records were a more classic heavy rock / sleaze proposition influenced by the likes of The New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks and The Dogs d'Amour, the new record is traveling through a wider territory.

Still, the new single taken from the album is reminiscent of their original genre : juvenile enthusiasm, blues based riff, rock 'n roll arrangements with Jerry Lee Lewis piano and Chuck Berry-ish guitar licks delivering 3mns of fun. Fun to watch as well.

But before this one the band already made videos for the tracks Rhythm Rider, Iris Kick and Secret Society. That how dedicated they are to their art. And they are not afraid to let the world knowing it.

More modern in the treatment, both in terms of songwriting and sound production, Plastic Tears took the required time to achieve what they had in mind. Something like 2 years apparently since "Rhythm Rider" was originally released in January 2016. 
Since then the band was also part of the compilation "Smacked! a tribute to Ilari Claude Peltola", in memory of the legendary Smack singer, covering their classic "Run Rabbit Run" for which they also made a video. I told you, they are unstoppable !

They have the abilities to write their own classics and don't need to rely on someone else tunes anyway. "Nuclear Nights", "Blue angel", "Dark Passenger", "Secret society"... well, pretty much all the songs here are catchy enough to become someone's favorite number. While Hanoi Rocks influence is still popping up here and there the Punk elements are more predominant on the guitar melodies and track rhythms. Miqu's voice is also deeper than before, less stray dog more seasoned  punk crooner (yeah, why not,  Dean Martin would have looked great with safety pins).

And I'm not the only one to think the album is great, they managed to get rave reviews all over the globe.

Still hesitating ? Well, nowadays you can easily listen to an album on streaming platforms before putting your precious bucks in it, so give it a few spin and then order you a copy of the physical version. Yes CD still does exist as well, several decades later.

Plastic Tears "Angels With Attitude"  (2018 - City Of Lights records)

1. Dark Passenger
2. Secret Society
3. Iris Kick
4. Midnight Date
5. Rhythm Rider
6. Nuclear Nights
7. Blue Angel
8. Day By Day
9. Headless Army
10. Miss Stumbling Legs
11. Universal Kids


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