dimanche 1 juillet 2018

Video of the Week - Kickstarter Ritual "Too Old"

If you like your music fueled with 60s Psychedelia and a good amount of Desert Rock inspiration, Kickstarter Ritual should be exactly what you are looking for.

After 2 singles/E.P. the Italian combo released its first album "Ready To Take A ride". 11 songs during which bands such as Cream, Blue Cheer or more contemporary Colour Haze come to mind.

The power trio is offering well paced tunes here, diverse yet staying true to their own sound and vision. Harder numbers ("Dirty Old Town", "The Man With The Howlin' Machine", Get It On", "City Is Burning") and more psychedelic and retro tracks ("Messin' Around", "Cooperate", "Ready To Take A Ride", ) are mixed for good measure. They even manage to add an acoustic ballad adding to the overall album dynamic a tender touch ("Hazy Days").

Check them out starting with their latest video for the song "Too Old".

Kickstarter Ritual "Ready To Take A Ride"  (2018 - self released)
1. Cooperate
2. Messin' Around
3. Too Old
4. Dirty Old Town
5. Nanananana
6. The Man On The Howling Machine
7. Get It On
8. Hazy Days
9. The Cities Are Burning (with Rock N Roll)
10. Kiss My Gun
11. Ready To Take A Ride


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