jeudi 14 juin 2018

Record of the Month : Hammered Satin "Glamorama"

If you're not already familiar with Hammered Satin you could thank me later in sending flowers, used underwear or money directly to my bank account for being able enlighten your whole existence.

The band fronted by Noah Wallace (former Teachers Pet and S'Cool Girls) is playing Junkshop 70s Glam rock with enough glitter to transform your living room into a ballroom (mirror-ball optional)

Tongue in cheek lyrics, pop melodies, guitar led anthem evoking T-Rex, The Sweet and the rest of the English bands of the 70s with platform-boots on their feet and violet scarves around their necks.

Since the release of their -so far- sole album they offered several 7inch and/or Digital singles to the world in awe in view of such flamboyance !

 Hammered Satin "Glamorama" (2013 - Diamond Fist / Burger records)

1. Glamorama
2. Sugar Babe
3. Interstellar Lady
4. Lonely Tiger
5. Multiple Personality
6. Quasar Queen
7. Foxy Dude
8. Light Speed Driver
9. Barbarian Baby
10. Emily

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