lundi 1 juin 2015

S'Cool Girls

We may have not noticed that back then but 2004 was an 'excellent cru' for Glam rock. And by that I mean real Glam rock, not heavy metal bands with pastel scarves and lots of hairspray but artists such as T-Rex, Slade, (early) David Bowie, The Sweet... You get the picture.
This very year a band called S'Cool Girls delivered a brilliant record, maybe the best of the decade in this genre.

Aiming from Los Angeles, the quartet featured Noah Wallace (vocals), Peter Sodergren (guitar), Daniel Harju (bass) and Travis Smith (drums) and went to record an E.P. containing 6 tracks. You get here everything an aficionado of English Glitter rock would kill for : catchy guitar hooks, sing-along choruses, twin guitars, hand claps, foot stomping rhythms and feel good vibe.
Most of the songs are originals with contribution from all members plus a cover from the british band Angel (Little Boy  Blue). Released through Aeronaut/Intravenous records the recording capture the energy and charisma of a bunch of young stallions came to party hard with you with ballons and light beers (yeah, I might go a bit too far here). The sound production is great too, a perfect mix with old school and modern vibes, and by that I mean the dynamic of the music is intact (not too much compression like most of the current releases) without sounding 'dated'.

I discovered S'Cool Girls quite recently and couldn't find much about them online. Guess the band used to play gigs in L.A., went at least one time in San Francisco (there's a short video on youtube) and probably elsewhere as well between 2003 and 2007 while they eventually morphed into a quintet by then.

I won't be able to tell you much more right now apart that their singer Noah Wallace is now fronting the band Hammered Satin,another glitter rock group.

I'll try to answer to all those unanswered questions soon on this very blog. In the meantime, get yourself a favor and find a copy of this gem and cherish every minutes of it. It now became one of my favorite CD. What about you ?

 Various - Intravenous Records Volume 1 : L.A.'s Rising Scene 2004 CD -( 2004 - Intravenous/Aeronaut records)
including the songs 'Rock N Roll Discotec'


S'Coll Girls 'The S'Cool Girls E.P.' - CD (2004 - Intravenous/Aeronaut records)
Rock 'N' Roll Discotec - All Night - Put Up or Shut Up - The Groover - California Groupie Girls - Little Boy Blue

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