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Attack of Life: The Bang Tango Movie (2015)

Attack of Life : The Bang Tango Movie

Documentary - 2015

A few years ago, Drew Fortier, an American fan of Bang Tango decided to do a documentary about his favorite band. His labor of love is now freely available on the web until further notice.

Check it out below

If you're a Bang Tango fan you have to -and will- watch this movie and enjoy it for sure. Not meaning it's perfect but because you are probably curious to hear and see more from BT and discover what was going on behind the scene back then. And now. All the original members (Kyle Kyle, Kyle Steven, Mark Knight, Tigg Kelter) are here to talk about the band. During 4 years Drew Fortier went to meet all of them and collect their memories, hopes, expectations and downfalls. Not all of it is flattering for them but you can give them credits for the honesty and dedication.

Video footage (most are from bootleg recordings), old and new interviews of past and current band members, records producers, fans and fellow
musicians. I guess a lot of the recent interviews didn't make the final edit of the documentary and choices have been made by Fortier to focus on the 3 first studio albums (Psycho cafe, Dancin' on coals and Love after death) and the last one (Pistol whipped in the bible belt). No mention either of Bang Tango Redux (all the original members minus Joe Lesté).

So you might think : Don't worry all this unused material will end up as the DVD bonuses ! I'm afraid not since this movie will probably never be
officially available due to complicated property rights and related cost. A shame really cause I would have buy me a copy as any real BT
fans out there but that the cruel reality. And that's the reason the documentary is now available on YouTube. When you dedicate several years
on a project it's quite difficult to accept not to let it be seen as much as possible. But in his journey Drew Fortier became real close to Joe Lesté and is now the second guitar player in his favorite band : Bang Tango.

A dream has come true.

live pic by Mike Ellis - Indianapolis 2015

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