dimanche 20 mai 2018

Video of the Week - The Dead Daisies "Mexico"

The Dead Daisies are not your regular band you know. In a few years more changes of personal have occurred than during the whole career of Deep Purple. I kid you not, really !

"Mexico" is actually the first song that grabbed my attention. Before that I didn't get it. The presence of John Corabi (The Scream, Mötley Crüe) is essential in this change of mood. The album "Revolución" could be considered as a transition record stylistically speaking between their first album and "Make Some Noise".

Now they are a Hard Rockin' (working) band !

Dead Daisies "Revolucion" (2015 - Spitfire)
1. Mexico
2. Evil
3. Looking For The One
4. Empty Heart
5. Make The Best Of It
6. Something I Said
7. Get Up, Get Ready
8.With You And I
9. Sleep
10. My Time
11. Midnight Moses
12. Devil Out Of Time
13. Critical


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