dimanche 27 mai 2018

Video of the Week - Cell Mates "Bottle of Sin"

Always nice to discover some cool stuff from the past, innit ?

A fb friend introduced me to these cats. Sort of. Cause I knew them from their previous band Gypsy Queen but had no idea what the Mattioli sisters did after that.

And I must say Cell Mates is much more my alley ! Sleazier and heavier than before, the band is sounding more like Princess Pang while Gypsy Queen was more alike to Bon Jovi..

Nicely done. So let's share this bottle !

Cell Mates "Between Two Fires" (1992 - Scotti Bros. records)

1. Bottle Of Sin
2. Glass Mountain
3. Bird In A Gilded Cage
4. Between Two Fires
5. Spirit Is Willing
6. You’re My Obsession 
7. A Sister’s Love 
8. (It’s Close) But It Ain’t Love
9. Time Marches On 
10. All Funked Up
11. Take Care Of Yourself

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