dimanche 25 février 2018

Video of the Week - Twisted Sister "Be Cruel To Your School"

This week video is an iconic one from the 80s on planet Hard Rock. It was 1985. Twisted Sister were one of the big names of the era and used to deliver colorful videos. "Be Cruel To Your School" is no exception and even have a really special guest. Yes, the high priest of Shock Rock himself : Alice Cooper !

Cooper at the time was working on his comeback. His latest album "DaDa" has been released in 1983 and failed to be successful. But the upcoming album "Constrictor" was built to put Alice Cooper back on the Hard Rock map. 
This particular video is showcasing a more healthy version of this legendary figure yet ready to claim back his throne and to remind everybody that bands such WASP or Mötley Crüe would have look and act differently without him.

In studio Brian Setzer (The Stray Cats) did the guitar solo, Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen' E. Street Band) the Sax and Billy Joel the piano part. An all-star song of sort we could say. And probably the best track of the album.

Make-up artist Tom Savini (renowned for his work on some of the best horror movies of this 80s and more) is also playing a role here.

Have fun !

Twisted Sister "Come Out And Play" (1985 - Atlantic)

1. Come Out And Play
2. Leader Of The Pack (The Shangri-Las cover)
3. You Want What We Got
4. I Believe In Rock N Roll
5. The Fire Still Burns

6. Be Cruel To Your School
7. I Believe In You
8. Out On The Streets
9. Lookin Out For #1
10. Kill Or Be Killed


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