jeudi 22 février 2018

National Nightmare - Sugar Coated (Single review)

The Finnish National Nightmare released a brand new single from the upcoming album SANGRE SALVAJE !

"Sugar Coated", the new song digitally released by the band is one hell of track ! Beginning with a Stonesy guitar riff and followed by an overdrived harp cry, it's all groove, soul and swagger with layers of slide guitars, piano, hammond, harp and backing vocals on top of an unstoppable rhythm section !

Written by Jack Rivera, an L.A. based musician who has been in numerous garage rock bands over the past decades (The Stains, The Crawdaddys, Berry Pickers...) and now flying solo, the song is wonderfully performed by National Nightmare.

I dig so much the tunes that I decided to ask its author/songwriter to tell me more about it.

Jack Rivera : "I wrote that song in 93. Recorded in 94 with Mark Dutton (Burning Tree / Chris Robinson's Brotherhood) on bass. It was a demo and it's never been released. It's only been performed on an English tour I did in 2012. It was a special session. We also recorded "Give it Up" and "Little More Rain". For some reason people love those tunes."

And I won't blame them for that ! In 2012 Jack released a video of his own version. 

Do yourself a favor : blast this perfect rock anthem and let the whole world know about it, it's insanely good !

Since its debut CD EP "Night Bus" in late 2016, the band which feature former members of Smack, Bigelf and Species, released 4 digital singles (including this one). Their first album should be out in the coming months.

National Nightmare "Sugar Coated" (2018)

Digital single
(listen to it on Spotify)

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