mercredi 24 janvier 2018

Babylon Shakes - New boys in town !

Recent years have seen a bunch of bands claiming sleaze influences from some of the coolest acts of the 80s. Here's the new boys in town but they are not new at all tho'.

The 80s gave us some real cool bands that could be pigeon holed under the term Sleaze. Think Princess Pang, The Throbs, Faster Pussycat, Smashed Gladys, Sea Hags... all in all bands heavily influenced by The New York Dolls, early Aerosmith, the Alice Cooper group and Hanoi Rocks.

Singer/guitarist Chris Clark is no new comer since he's been in Last Call Messiah for the past few years. But this band had a more metal edge. And eventually split. Babylon Shakes is all getting back to the blues rock 'n roll riffing, back-to-basic catchy tunes and whiskey soaked voice of a stray cat n top of it.

Been all seasoned guys it didn't take too long for the trio to record and release a CD single and their first video a few months after the band formed.
While the original credit is due to Chris for the vision and plenty of songs already in his sleeves, both Gary Jordan (bass/vocals) and Jeff "Morty" Mortimer (drums/vocals) must be praised as well for the solid rhythm section they sure are and essential backbone they are giving to the music on this promising release.

Started with Velveteen Libertine the band is offering exactly what you expected to hear. With its guitar shuffle riffs and sing-along choruses the song is your typical sleaze rock track including a Chuck Berry-like solo and swagger all along its less-than-4mns duration. Early Buckcherry and Faster Pussycat come in mind and there's nothing wrong with that in my book. A necessary addition in the jukebox of the Cathouse club.

The second track, Silver Tongue Devil is more aggressive yet groovy with plenty of cowbell and a wah-wah guitar solo. Good taste prevail here. Once again Faster Pussycat is the obvious influence on this number as well and almost could be an outtake from their 2nd album "Wake Me Up When It's Over" or even more the missing link between this album and their 3rd one "Whipped!".

No doubt Babylon Shakes know what they are doing here and have the abilities to do so. One of the thing I like the most is the honesty and fun behind the whole thing. The dedication to the cause as well because so many bands labeled themselves as sleaze purveyors but sound like Dokken.

More material should be released in a few months and I guess expectations (at least mine) are high with such debut.

Babylon Shakes "s/t" (self released)

Velveteen Libertine
Silver Tongue Devil

available in Digital and CD single

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