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Rock is Alive and Well vol.1 & 2 compilations

For those who are still eager to hear and listen to new music these 2 digital compilations are a treat, really.
And I'm not telling this because I am the person who made them. Of course.

Both albums are featuring 5 bands showcasing 2 songs each. Cause let’s face it, can you really figure out what a band is about with only one song sunk under the quantity of the tracks contained on most compilations, especially since the CD age ? My main concern was to make every bands looking good and to really give to the listeners the opportunity to discovering -or simply enjoying- them properly. So consider this treatment like a series of cool 7inch vinyl records !
The total length of each compilation are near 40mins, just like a 12inch record is, the perfect length for a rock / hard rock album in my opinion.

All along the comps' you will find many bands that've already been exposed on this blog and I'm very glad they agreed to be part of it.

Rock is Alive and Well vol.1 starts with The Sweet Things, the New York City hell-raisers, that contribute with early recordings of Through the Cracks of the City and Cocaine Ass Licker Blues. Bastards sons of The New York Dolls and The Faces, they deliver the High energy Rhythm and Blues that make their brand. Addictive.

The Tip
Next, The Tip are delivering Love Me Er'y Woman a magnificent blues song showcasing all the diversity and versatility of their musicianship. There's more soul and guts in this track than in the entire Joe Bonnamassa discography. The Drip, a typical rocker from the Nashville boys, originally available on their self released Killin' it EP is their second track here and it sure will let you beg for more.

In third position, power pop heroes The CRY! are bringing their 60s influenced savor faire for our ears pleasure and while previous bands could have give you the urge to do some head-banging, these lads will make you dance ! Sleeping Alone and Shakin' are irresistible and might turn your living room into a discotheque. You've been warned !

Then my former band Medicine Ball Caravan is bringing back a more hard rock feel. While Will You Be There is taken from Keep Goin Til The Next Stop released on Alive and Kickin' two months ago, the version of On the road presented here is a Single edit of the track also available on the same album.

Smash fashion are closing the journey with their heavy glam rock full of pop hooks. With former Smack and Rock City Angels members there's no doubt they can bring great songs. And Marionette and You Love to Suffer are just what you might expect from the Los Angeles wizards. Catchy tunes, cool guitar licks and backing vocals while the rhythm section make sure you'll stomp your foot without notice it. Enchanting.

Creem Circus
Rock is Alive and Well vol.2 begins with Philly 70s glam rockers Creem Circus showcasing their songs Riff Mountain and Teenage Rules taken from their first album Rock and/or Roll. If you had a doubt it will confirm you that bell bottom pants and velvet jackets are back (add platforms boots if you have the balls). Dual guitars and tongue in cheek lyrics sure will turn you into an instant fan. And why not, aren't they your favorite bands favorite band ?

Hailing from London, Tango Pirates with roots in 80s punk and hard rock music (Danny Fury has been a member of Rogue Male, The Lords of The New Church, Kill City Dragons or Vain), they are  bringing you 2 bare bones/straight-to-your-heart tracks. Ghost Ship Bar Blues and its blues based rhythm and Dark StarDanny Fury's homage to Stiv Bators his mentor and former band mate in The Lords of The New Church. This kind of rock music can only be bring to you by real crusaders and that exactly what they are, men on a mission.

Then The Nasty Things are taking it over. From New York, the youngest bunch of the compilation are no beginners, their resumé including bands such as Wildstreet, Astra the 22s or Acey Slade to name a few. Expect explicit lyrics on the furious and catchy Mojo Motor City Queen, but the wild ones will show you their inner sweet side on Save Me. Even bad boys need rest sometimes.

Tattooed Millionaires is the band lead by Johnny Jetson who's been in the scene for quite some time and has once co-create Space Age Playboys with Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul). His distinctive guitar sound and songwriting are obviously here on Subsonic and Next Big Thing, 2 tracks full of swagger and confidence, exactly what you want to hear from glam rockers from outer space.

Closing the party are Cali punk hard rockers Mink Daggers. You could say that these cats are quite experienced since all of them have a long career in the punk and rock n roll scene (Disguster, The Humpers, Doom Kounty Electric Chair...). And you can hear it. Messin' Up Monday and Blacker Shade of Blue are irresistible hard punk n roll at its finest and leave you eager to hear more and willing to go to the closest live venue to rock your ass off.
Or just pushing the button "Repeat" to listen to these 2 compilations all over again.

Don't say I didn't tell you : It is not the future of rock n roll, it's here and now.
Rock ain't dead for fxxk sake !

So now you know what you have to do right ?! Support Rock n' Roll and those who make it in buying music in whatever format. And don’t stop here and go check further the bands discographies.

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