jeudi 21 mars 2013

Kill City Dragons

Pick the rhythm section of The Lords of the New Church, a guitarist from the cult New-York band Angels in vain and a fairly unknown american singer and you get one of my fave band of the genre.

Kill City Dragons was formed by Danny Fury (drums), a former member of Rogue Male and The Lords of the New Church and Steve Von Saint from Angels in vain. Soon joined by Dave Tregunna (Sham 69, The Lords, The Cherry Bombz...) on bass and Billy G Bang on vocals (Vixen, On Ten Tu). After the recording of demos and succeeding in creating a momentum in London the band get 'signed' on Wideboy records.
Unfortunately after 2 official releases KCD members went separate ways : Billy & Dave formed Shooting Gallery with Andy Mc Coy (Hanoï Rocks, The Cherry Bombz) then played in Slumlords with Jam from Cats in Boots fame, Danny & Steve tried to keep up with new members (Johnny Stevenson on vocals &  Mark Anthony on bass), recorded few demos but eventually split. Then Danny joined Vain for the recording of the album Move on it ; Few years later Steve and Dave reconvened in The Endorfiends.

In 2007 Danny & Dave played together in Wild at heart and since last year they'd teamed up with Timo Kaltio (Cheap and Nasty) in Tango Pirates. But that's another story to be told...

Kill City Dragons / Harlow - 1990  (Kerrang magazine flexidisc)

Demo version of Devil Callin' recorded in July 1989. This is the song co-written by Dave and Nasty Suicide when they played in The Wyrd Things

Let's them eat cake - 1990  (E.P. - Wideboy records)
What a picture, no glam/sleaze fans could resist to such a thing ! I've been a fan of Danny Fury since his Rogue Male days and familiar with Dave Tregunna who is a legendary character in the UK rock scene. Never heard of the other members so far but I was already a supporter even before I heard the music.
It's the first KCD release and this EP contains 4 studio tracks including a song co-written by Jan Stenfors (aka Nasty Suicide). In my opinion these are classics and it was a great debut record. Kinda Hanoï Rocks with only one guitar (and sax including!) and Billy's voice can remind Axl Rose on few occasions but still very unique (and quite controversial when you check reviews) . A must have.

Kill City Dragons - 1990  (LP and CD - Wideboy records)
A reissue of the previous EP along with 3 live tracks recorded at Camden Electric Ballroom.
t's kinda frustrating to only discover two new songs from the band (the another one is a cover of The Monkeys : Stepping stone) while they've got plenty of them already written. This LP was released after the departure of Billy and Dave.

The Kingdom of Rock - 1992  (LP and CD compilation - Head records - )
including 'Scene of the Crime'

The only song available from the second line-up. Rare compilation including exclusively UK bands.

The Monkey Club, Swindon 1990 

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