dimanche 25 novembre 2018

Video of the Week : Roxanne "Go Fuck Yourself" feat. dUg Pinnick & George Lynch

Roxanne is a case of 80s band back in business after a long hiatus.

The band released a new album recently entitled "Radio Silence". And today's treat is a song/video featuring the one and only dUg Pinnick, King's X singer / bassist, and George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob).

The band seem to make a statement here, what do you think ?

Roxanne "Radio Silence"  (2018 - Rat Pack records)

1. Someone To Kill
2. Girls Alright
3. Super Bad (ft: George Lynch)
4. Thin Blue Line
5. Broken Chandeliers
6. Man In The Moon (ft: Ray Luzier & dUg Pinnick) 
7. Go Fuck Yourself (ft: George Lynch & dUg Pinnick)    
8. Without Us
9. Quarter To Four
10. I Don’t Want to Live This Way
11. First Mistake


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