mardi 15 mai 2018

Record of the Month : The Front "Live in New York City 1990"

The Front released one of the best album of the era. Before the release of their second (and excellent) record they changed their name to Bakers Pink. And then disappeared.

Years ago the band (well Michael Franano, their singer) made available this live recording taped while promoting their album. It's obviously not perfect but it's not the point.

Here the band is playing most of their debut record plus a cover of Cream classic "Sunshine of Your love". These boys were in love with the 60s, hence the Hammond. And you could hear influences from the likes of The Doors or the Alice Cooper group.

The Front "Live In New York 1990"  (2010 ? - self released)
1. Le Motion
2. Sister Moon
3. Pain
4. Sunshine of Your Love
5. Sister Moon
6. Sunshine Girl
7. Fire
8. Violent World

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