mardi 17 avril 2018

Record of the Week : Ten Ton Mojo "s/t"

Let's rock folks ! It's greasy, it's heavy, it's beyond mercy unapologetic rock n' roll from New york City, baby !

The first, and so far only, album from this Hard rock blues based combo from the Big Apple is everything you could ask. 11 songs delivered with mucho gutso and talent ready to be played by you.

If you missed it, go ahead and crank it up to 11 for good measure.

If you already knew, do the same !

The band recently partied ways with their singer but a replacement already occurred and new music should emerge soon.

Ten Ton Mojo "s/t" (2013 - self released)
1. Gotta Get That Love
2. Take The Pain
3. Got The Light On
4. One And Only
5. Pinball Girl
6. Made To Suffer
7. Come Tomorrow
8. Ain't That Right
9. Get On It
10. Hgh Forever
11. Southside Of Heaven


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