jeudi 15 mars 2018

The Cornfed Project (album review)

Oh boy, how come such band isn't most renown is a mystery. Really.

California purveys R 'n' R greatness for decades now. And The Cornfed Project is another proof. 

Led by Matt Wheeler (aka Cornfed) this fiery bunch is pure electric riffery at its best, firing their songs like their lives depend on it ; or at least the good mood of the party they crashed.

Take a minute to read the official band biography and you will get an idea of what sort of free spirit we are dealing with here. It sure sounds like a casual discussion  with them around a beer pack could take a weird turn in surrealistic territories.

But let's go back to the music.

All 11 track available on the album are played with the same intensity and a "no prisoner" spirit that in itself is remarkable. The quality of the songwriting and interpretation are reaching a similar level. 

And this is exactly why you can genuinely ask yourself (and probably more importantly people around you) why the band isn't best known and touring all around the world.

Turn on the radio and I'm pretty sure you will hear crappy music. A lot. But of course it's never been a question of talent to reach success but being good (or surrounded by people who are) on many other matter that really count to gain recognition and proper exposure to the masses.

I heard a bit of money might help as well.

If music in itself was enough to achieve such destiny The Cornfed Project would be up there on top of the bill along with Foo Fighters for example.

Debuting with "Long Time Ago" you immediately know something serious is happening here. It sounds massive and everyone seem to be on steroid to deliver the goods with confidence like only the coolest can. And this sentence could work with each and every tunes of the record.

"Out Of Town", "Dirty Habits", "Goat", "I Don't care"... All of them have their own charm and thing going.

I could describe every songs of the album, talking about the incisive guitars, perfect solos, bombastic rhythm section, catchiness of the melodies delivered by Matt's warm and raspy voice, cool as fuck breaks and bridges but I would sound redundant while the songs aren't.

If you didn't become a fan after listening "Milwaukee" or "Chinatown" you probably are in big trouble and possibly have psychological issues that could only be solved by electric therapy. Not that such therapy ever did any good to anyone but what can I say, you once again proved you were your own worst enemy.

You could pick any of these songs and turn them into singles. And in a perfect world, Hit Singles. 
The world ain't perfect tho' 

And rather than trying to make it better with a prayer why don't you choose a really effective way such as buying  records (in Physical or Digital), bands merchandising and let your friends know what real Gospel is ?

Lucky Californians can catch them live with other great acts such as The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Junkyard or Mink Daggers (another brilliant band you really should know/hear/love/worship and surely lot of other things too).

Don't be shy, let's get high. Don't worry, everything is legal here : just pure Rock 'n' Roll energy.


 The Cornfed Project "s/t" (20015 - self released)

1. Long Time Ago
2. Southbound
3. Goat
4. Milwaukee
5. Dirty Habits
6. Date Night
7. Out Of Town
8. I Don't care
9. Wind Her Up
10. Who I Am
11. Chinatown

in CD and Digital

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