lundi 6 novembre 2017

Circus of Power - Back for good !

Over the last years Circus of Power have been gigging again and releasing digital singles on a regular basis. But now, there is more !

The band originally has its roots in New York and released 3 studio albums at the end of the 80s/early 90s and toured worldwide to support them (well, avoiding France as most of their peers of this era). Then like many others they vanished while everybody's attention were on Nirvana, Pearl Jam or the ill-fated remains of Guns N Roses.

Relocated in L.A. Alex Mitchel, the singer and leader of the pack, didn't stay inactive too long tho' and has self-released  several records with Fat Nancy, Plastic Gator Machine or Uncle Max's Cosmic Band more notably.
But now the man is fully involved in the comeback of COP that is about to release a new album on Noize in the Attics records and aptly named "Four". You can pre-order it here.

First single out of this long-awaited album is the song "Fast & Easy". And there's even a video to go along with it to make it more enjoyable :

The record is due for Dec. 8 and the tracklisting is as follow :

1. Fast and Easy
2. Hard Drivin' Sister
3. Rock Show
4. Princess of Mars
5. Half a Dozen Roses
6. Sin City Boogie
7. American Monster
8. See the Sun
9. Flying to L.A.
10. Hot Rod Girls
11. Lovesick Blues
12. The Tea Song
13. Blood at Standing Rock
14. Come Git Some

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