lundi 2 décembre 2013

The Cheap Thrills - 10inch vinyl E.P.

Sometimes Facebook might actually be useful. While you could just spend too much time in checking posts with lack of substance you also might find out about new bands, randomly.
That's how I discovered The Cheap Thrills. After listening to a couple of songs I accepted their generous offer of free downloading their E.P. which ended in my MP3 player (my cellphone for instance). During the last few months I must say that I regularly listen to it and enjoy it enough to finally get to their store and paid the expensive shipping cost from Canada to France and get an actual copy of the darn thing.
And no reason to be disappointed on this particular point : heavy weight translucent vinyl, thick white inner sleeve, cool artwork and a download-card to get the songs in MP3s format.

But let's get back to the band itself. Heading from Montreal, Quebec, this 4 young lads are delivering 60s/70s rock n' roll with attitude and swagger, think glam rock (I mean, more Slade than Poison), The Stones, a hint of Hanoï Rocks... Sound production is raw (in a good way), the guitars slightly out of tune (great to remind you some of your fave old records that were put in the can in a few hours), the melodies are catchy with lots of background vocals and -most important- the songwriting is quite good yet simple.
With 5 tracks on it, the EP is a perfect debut release to grab attention and let you beg for more.

A full length album entitled 'Thrilled?' is now available.

The Cheap Thrills  "s/t" EP  (2011 - Fun Haus records)

Side A : Gotta get away - Boys & Babes - Never comin' home
Side B : You make me wanna - 21

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