mercredi 30 octobre 2013

The Dogs D'Amour - Live in Japan 1991

The Dogs d'Amour

Straight Tour , Kawasaki- Japan JAN.18th.1991

Tyla J. Pallas : Vocals, guitar
Jo Dog : Guitar
Steve James : Bass and vocals
Bam Bam : Drums 

Cardboard Town
Everything I Want
Last Bandit
Trail of Teaers
How Come it Never Rains
Satellite Kid
Billy Two Rivers
Princess Valium
Kiss My Heart Goodbye
Flyin' Solo
Back on the Juice
No Gypsy Blood
Victim of Success
Drunk Like Me
I Don't Want You To Go

- Encore -
Ballad of Jack
The Bullet Proof Poet
Dogs Hair
The Girl Behind the Glass

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